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Virgin Wines


Experienced UX designer tasked with redesigning Virgin Wines' outdated Product Detail Pages (PDPs).

Conducted extensive research, collaborated with stakeholders, created wireframes, prototypes, and conducted user testing to achieve project objectives.

Some of my design solutions contributed on their upcoming website redesign.

Discovery & Research

To redesign Virgin Wines' Product Detail Page (PDP), I followed a comprehensive approach. This involved thorough competitor research to identify preferred features, while ensuring consistency with the overarching brand identity of Virgin company websites.

In addition, I conducted user interviews to understand the needs of Wines' customers.

Collaborating closely with the head of design, we pinpointed areas for improvement within the PDP and incorporated valuable insights into my redesign proposals.

For more in-depth insight into my thinking process and experimentation, please refer to my supporting document at: Back-up-virgin

Design Playgrounds


Current Product Detail Page of Virgin Wine (4 years old)


My design solution


The End Result

“Many high-quality explorations and polished outcomes in your prototypes, with both visual and functional design ideas explored. You did well to adapt your earlier more radical creative solutions into a design which fits more closely the existing brand identity in later iterations. Sidebar quick navigation and filter system are neat innovations.”

— Dave Watson
NUA Course Leader: Graphic & UX Design
Other Design

Idea n°1

For this design, I found inspiration in 17th-century Dutch still life paintings to create an elegant and tasteful design with illustrations. The goal was to pay homage to the historical significance of wine.

Idea n°2

My goal here was to create a design that not only looked visually appealing, but also conveyed the elegance, fun, and passion that are associated with wine. I wanted to capture the essence of what makes wine so special and bring it to life.

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