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Soraya’s previous website was falling short in many ways, leading us to rethink and rebuild it from the ground up.

After thorough discussions with Soraya and her audience, it was clear that her site needed to be more welcoming, visually appealing, and functional.Here's what we found lacking in the old site:

1/The tone wasn’t friendly enough.

2/The dark UI felt harsh and unwelcoming.

3/Overloaded with content, making it unclear what services were offered.

4/Problems with the e-commerce system and newsletter functionality.

5/A lack of client testimonials to showcase the effectiveness of her programs.

My redesign focused on making Soraya’s site friendly and trust-building from the first click. I chose approachable fonts and photos of Soraya smiling to create a welcoming vibe. For engagement, I added a client testimonial marquee – a choice some might question, but it quickly builds trust without bombarding visitors with text.

The modern, positive design and color scheme, along with Zapier and Mailchimp integration, make the site as inviting and effective as Soraya’s coaching.
What SZ website looked before I help her.

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" In just three weeks, I successfully acquired 4 new 1:1 coaching clients from a total of 17 discovery calls. Additionally, I achieved over $500 in sales from my ebook in one month, a feat I couldn't accomplish with my previous website. Plus, I've built up a subscriber list.

I love his enthusiasm; you can feel the happiness when he presents his work. I'm proud of my new website, as it captures and reflects my energy to potential future clients.

— Soraya
SZ Founder

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