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Azraq, a VR MMORPG with a medieval theme, is currently in development and preparing for a Kickstarter campaign. They required a revamped website that mirrored the game's professionalism, instilled trust in future users, and most importantly, facilitated the collection of user data for test sessions and newsletter subscriptions, aiming to maximise information gathering and game testing.

Previously, Azraq's website struggled to effectively communicate with users. It lacked a distinct identity, saw minimal growth in newsletter sign-ups, and suffered from a lack of professional visuals.

We began by overhauling Azraq's visual identity. This involved creating new textures, background elements, and selecting a different typography to evoke a medieval atmosphere.

Another crucial aspect was the widespread implementation of Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons. These CTAs enabled users to easily sign up for the newsletter and, more importantly, register to test the game and join the Azraq Discord Channel. With a Kickstarter launch on the horizon, it was vital for Azraq to conduct early game testing to gather gamer feedback and enhance the game pre-launch.

The outcome in 1 week:
-Generated over 60 new sign-ups for the newsletter.

-Over 80 people joined the Discord channel.

-Led to a 130% increase in the average time users spent on the site.
What Azraq website looked before I help them

"Rayane plays a key role in our team. As a startup, we don't have the resources of a large company, so hiring multiple designers isn't an option for us. Rayane is our main designer, and he's helping us a lot in creating our vision. He consistently brings fresh ideas to the table. Thanks to him, Azraq's identity has been established, attracting more interest due to its professional appearance and well-crafted design"

— Abdourahman Boumaya
Ckai & Azraq Chief Executive Officer

Meet the new design

Game Interface / Before

Game Interface / after

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